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Real Estate Insider: April 2020 News Report

Posted on April 21st 2020 by Lalovich

  • Is this pandemic another example of why real estate is the best investment? To find out how this investor wanted to diversify his portfolio with real estate, and is now expecting a 15% return on his purchase! Read More
  • A lot of people with an up-to-date will think they are prepared if anything were to happen to them, but there are two more documents that everyone over 18 should have in their possession! Read here about how a financial and medical power of attorney could save you and your loved ones a lot of money and hassle during a difficult time. Read More
  • The financial samurai makes an argument for taking advantage of the low interest rates and stock market correction by re-financing your home to buy stocks, but do the pros outweigh the cons? Read both and decide for yourself! Read More
  • If the Stress Test is stressing you out, you may just need to learn more about it! It was implemented to prevent another market crash when interest rates rise (and they will). Read everything Canadians need to know about the mortgage stress test! Read More
  • Contract wording can be tricky… this buyer found out the hard way when he lost his $100,000 deposit! Read this article about the “reality cheque” this buyer had to write for not fulfilling his contract, even though “without personal liabilities” was written directly in! Read More
  • Changing tenants in your rental property can be a long and expensive transition, this article is here to smooth out any bumps in the road you may experience by preparing you to be in control! The best way to avoid a problem is to solve it before it starts, so read this article, take control, and “smooth out the move out!” Read More
  • OK BOOMER — Recent study shows that 86% of baby boomers want to stay in their current house for as long as possible. Is the age of downsizing over? Read this article about the motivation for most adults wanting to stay put! Read More
  • You always hear about people’s wins, but never their losses! While everyone seems to have made huge money on Toronto real estate in the last few years, there have been people who have lost just as much! Moral of the story: real estate isn’t a perfect investment, and can be done extremely wrong! Read in this article some stories on how people lost big, so you don’t make the same mistakes! Read More
  • Easiest way to protect yourself as a tenant or landlord? Make sure it’s in the lease! Handshake deals are a thing of the past, and at the end of the day, what’s in the lease goes. Find out why “having it in writing” isn’t always enough. Read More
  • Deciding to buy a home with your significant other can be a very exciting (and nerve wracking) time. Unfortunately, this seemingly happy process needs to be dampened by “the talk”. It is very important to make sure everyone is on the same page with what to do with your property IF you were to ever break up. Making sure the ground rules are in place before it gets ugly can save everyone a lot of time and money! Read here why having such an awkward talk is definitely worth it in the long run.
  • The whole world needs to come together (metaphorically speaking) at this time to minimize the damage done by COVID-19. One of the biggest aspects affecting how this will all turn out is the actions taken by big banks to help their borrowers affected by this pandemic. It seems PR is doing their job, but are their business practices really here to help? To find how big banks may seem like the good guys right now, but caution needs to be taken because at the end of the day, the banks are working for their shareholders. Read More
  • Last month saw the big banks cut rates three times! How much lower will they go? Find how these rate cuts are attempting to cushion the impact that this virus has brought on. Read More
  • When the Federal Reserve cuts rates, most people expect the mortgage rates to drop by a similar amount. This isn’t always the case, because the Federal Reserve doesn’t control the mortgage rates, it is actually the market that calls for an increase or decrease in mortgage rates! Read the aspects controlling out rates and what to expect moving forward!Read More
  • Financing is a complex tool that should never be taken for granted. Just because you have all of your ducks in a row, doesn’t mean that lenders have the same agenda that you do. Find how assuming similar mortgage rates and terms as previous deals might end up costing this investor all of his return! Read More
  • An array of misinformation has caused panic at the Landlord Tenant Board, particularly in the “is rent still due” area. This has pushed GTA investors to call for a “rent bank” to be created to help landlords who’s tenants are refusing to pay with little to no consequences. Read about the confusion and who you think should be on the hook! Read More
  • The federal government has been faced with big decisions on how to disperse money amidst this crisis, and the NDP has once again called for the feds to make sure tenants, landlords, and all home owners aren’t devastated by this pandemic. Do you agree with their solutions? Let us know! Read More
  • How will COVID-19 impact the real estate market in Canada? This article gives a glimpse of short-term and long-term changes to the real estate market, including one of the “coolest” spring markets we have seen in a long time. Read More
  • Ontario’s Emergency Legislation is unfair to landlords, in summary, “Landlords have been handed the burden of taking care of the province’s social, low-income, and lack of housing problems.” Do you think it’s fair for the government to put that burden on landlords? It’s easy to think all landlords are rich and evil, but we can tell you from first hand experience that it is simply not true. This legislation may devastate many investors trying to provide a better life for their family, or setting up their own retirement fund (because many people can no longer count on pensions!) What are your thoughts? If you are a tenant or landlord in Ontario we would love to hear from you! Read More