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REI December 2020

Real Estate Insider: December 2020

December 10th 2020

Welcome back Real Estate Insiders, it’s time to put the pedal to the metal heading into 2021! Don’t worry. We’re here to help you steer clear of some REAL real estate obstacles and set you...

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Real Estate Insider: November 2020

November 13th 2020

We’re covering the good, the bad, and the ugly this month, Real Estate Insiders! We’ve tracked down a collection of hot topics ready for your real estate reading enjoyment as we cover the one sure...

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Lalovich Real Estate Insider


October 22nd 2020

Real Estate Insiders: have we got some treats for you! The pandemic has brought its share of tricks to the world of real estate, so we’ve compiled a list of articles covering what we think...

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Real Estate Insider: September 2020

September 23rd 2020

Welcome back, Real Estate Insiders! This month we cover vacation property in the face of the pandemic, Canada’s housing market, why you might be paying more on your mortgage than your neighbour, and much more....

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Real Estate Insider: August 2020

August 27th 2020

How would you feel about ordering a home online, and getting it in just a few weeks? That may be a bit of a stretch (for now), but modular and pre-fabricated homes might be the...

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Real Estate Insider: July 2020

July 15th 2020

Human beings are very predictable, and as the old saying goes, “History is doomed to repeat itself”. This blogger believes that the speculation we are seeing out of the army of new day traders gambling...

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Real Estate Insider: June 2020

June 17th 2020

While a lot of speculators are predicting a housing market crash, it’s not going to be like it was in 2008. Reason being? The banks have learned from their mistakes. That being said, the end...

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Real Estate Insider: May 2020

May 11th 2020

The Windsor housing market seemed to be full steam ahead coming into 2020, but has since ground to a halt just before the “Spring market” was set to hit. Is this a pause in the...

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Real Estate Insider: April 2020 News Report

April 21st 2020

Is this pandemic another example of why real estate is the best investment? To find out how this investor wanted to diversify his portfolio with real estate, and is now expecting a 15% return on...

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Real Estate Insider: Special COVID-19 Report

March 25th 2020

Interest rates can’t get much lower before they hit zero, but are they poised to go into the negatives? As this pandemic timeline increases, so does the possibility of Canada’s government interest rates to go...

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Real Estate Insider: March 2020 News Report

March 19th 2020

Whether it’s Ballin or Renovating, most people doing it are on a budget! This article talks about looking “below the surface” and can give you some awesome tips on choosing tile and counter tops when...

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Real Estate Insider: February 2020 News Report

February 11th 2020

If you’re sitting on a paid-off house in a prominent area, you may think you’re sitting on a gold mine for retirement. However, there are many factors to consider when deciding whether to down-size, right-size,...

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