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Real Estate Insider: June 2020

June 17th 2020

While a lot of speculators are predicting a housing market crash, it’s not going to be like it was in 2008. Reason being? The banks have learned from their mistakes. That being said, the end...

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Real Estate Insider: May 2020

May 11th 2020

The Windsor housing market seemed to be full steam ahead coming into 2020, but has since ground to a halt just before the “Spring market” was set to hit. Is this a pause in the...

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Real Estate Insider: February 2020 News Report

February 11th 2020

If you’re sitting on a paid-off house in a prominent area, you may think you’re sitting on a gold mine for retirement. However, there are many factors to consider when deciding whether to down-size, right-size,...

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Real Estate Insider: January 2020 News Report

January 16th 2020

A sign of a good economy is cranes in the sky! There were more permits for new construction in 2019 than ever before in Windsor-Essex! Read some of the biggest developments happening in Windsor and...

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Real Estate Insider: December 2019 News Report

December 18th 2019

Take a page out of Russel’s book if you are considering a recreational investment property, and look to the south! (Or if your’e in Windsor, North!) This article explains the advantages of investing in the...

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Real Estate Insider: November 2019 News Report

November 26th 2019

Four step process for Landlords when establishing the relationship with your Tenant. A must read for all new landlords. Read more What would you do if your friends wanted to do something illegal with a...

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Real Estate Insider: October 2019 News Report

October 18th 2019

Ever wonder how the annual rent increase on residential properties is calculated? Is it really a fair percentage for Landlords? This article will give you all the information to decide for yourself! Read more Short...

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Real Estate Insider: August 2019 News Report

August 21st 2019

Owning a home is a goal everyone is striving for. These days more than ever, the stress that Millennials put on themselves to own a home is negatively impacting a large portion of young adults...

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Real Estate Insider: July 2019 News Report

July 15th 2019

With the increasing number of hoops the banks are requiring people to jump through to qualify for a mortgage, private lending is becoming more and more popular for many, especially the self-employed! Is a private...

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Real Estate Insider: June 2019 News Report

June 17th 2019

Talk about attention to detail! This real estate investor kept track of 10 years worth of cash flows and headaches in their investment property all for the purpose of informing you! If you are thinking...

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Real Estate Insider: May 2019 News Report

May 17th 2019

Whether it’s your first time or your 30th time buying a home, you should be striving to possess as many of these traits of successful home buyers as possible! Read about all 9 here. Read more...

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