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Real Estate Insider: August 2021

Posted on August 25th 2021 by Lalovich

Real Estate Insiders, the market is hot, the climate is hot, and this month’s blog is hot! Grab some lemonade as we cover topics like renting out your pool by the hour, cool pre-fabricated homes, and—is that a housing bubble we’re in? As always, be sure to Like Us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn for updates on all the latest listings, topics and more!

Fractional Ownership—Your Ticket To Financial Freedom?

If you feel like you are getting priced out of the market—or don’t want to take the full risks involved in buying real estate by yourself—this might be for you. These companies are offering fractional ownership of properties to make real estate investing more attainable. Is it as great as it sounds? Learn about the risks and rewards of fractional ownership.

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It’s Time To Put Your Equity To Work!

Many Canadians are sitting on thousands of dollars in home equity without know how to make it work for them! Whether you have your eye on a summer cottage or your first rental property, it’s good to understand what home equity is and the different options for putting it to use!

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There’s Nothing Better Than An Extra Long Qualified Advice Column, Right?

This article is full of good advice when it comes to cottage renovations, adding names to a property, and understanding Capital Gains. There’s something for everyone!

*Some Assembly Required

Watch this team assemble a pre-fabricated home in no-time at all. Is this the future of affordable housing?

Is This Another 2008 Housing Bubble, Or Is This Title Clickbait?

Housing prices are at their pinnacle and seem to be growing at unsustainable rates. We may have learned our lesson in 2008 and we have never been more able to afford these prices.

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Additional Unit, Anyone?

This savvy investor highlights what to look for when buying a property for duplex conversion. You might not see every detail on the initial showing, but you should know about the important ones.

IKEA = The Bitcoin Of The Furniture World

Discover how “IKEA Hackers” have built a booming business on keeping furniture out of landfills and how to get in on the action yourself!


The Ontario Government has made it nearly impossible for developers to keep up with housing demand, and are slowly implementing new regulations to catch up. We need to drastically speed up this process if our younger generations want any chance of affording their own home. How far behind pace we are?

Read: Toronto City Council takes short-sighted view on housing


Whether Kanye is onto something or not, if you or your significant other have a family cottage, it pays to know what would happen in the event of a split. This article is a good place to start!

Written Or Not, A Contract Is Binding

Learn how a Realtor was awarded commission on a home he never even sold (but tried to).

Read: Commission owed to real estate agent despite lack of written agreement

Has Your Condo Insurance Skyrocketed? We have Ourselves To Thank

Find out why global warming has condo insurance prices skyrocketing and what we can do to stop it.

And the Survey Says…

Getting an official survey done when buying a property in important. See how this couple gained a few extra acres by having one done!

Desperate To Cannon Ball? Don’t Have A Pool? Swimply Might Be Your Next Favourite App

People are renting their pool out by the hour in a growing trend that doesn’t seem to be slowing down.

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Did You Buy Your Home Pre-2020? You’re Probably Under-Insured

Discover the costs of homeowner insurance, how much to get, pros and cons, and more.

Second Time’s The Charm (For Mortgages)

This article boast some good tips on securing a mortgage on a second property.

Read: Buying land, a cottage or a rental? Tips for getting a mortgage on a secondary property

The Great Downsize: What It Is And Why It’s Not Happening

Read: Waiting for baby boomers to die is not effective housing policy

Why You Can’t Have Conditions And Waive Them, Too

How did the Court rule on a Buyers amendment deleting conditions but changing terms of the APS was rejected by the Seller, and then the Buyer claimed it was their condition waiver after the Seller accepted another offer?

Read: Proposed amendment deleting conditions not a waiver or notice of fulfilment

Flippers Beware—You’re In For A Scare!

The government is cracking down on people claiming principal residence exemption on homes they are clearly flipping. Make sure you know how to proceed if you’re in the process of a flip or you could get slapped with some big fines!

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Retiring On Your Rental Income? This One’s For You!

If the bulk of your retirement plan consists of your real estate portfolio, read up on the facts you should know.

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