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Posted on August 31st 2022 by Lalovich

Welcome back, Real Estate Insiders! From interest rate hikes to the housing bubble, we’re covering it all. Find out how Ontario will be getting more homes, where the most affordable places to live are in the Province, solutions to fix the housing crisis, and much more!

Sharpen Your Scissors

New legislation will allow Mayors to cut cut through red tape to allow homes to be built faster! Initially only in Toronto and Ottawa, Doug Ford promises to soon grant other municipalities this same power.

Read: New Legislation Will Help Boost Supply of Housing

Renters Paradox

House prices may be falling, but rising rents are proving that the two are not as intrinsically linked as some may believe. Discover the reasons behind this increased pressure on the rental market.

Read: Prices Are Falling But Rents Are Rising In Canada’s Paradoxical Housing Market

Tenants: Build Your Credit With Rent Payments!

It’s finally here: a new program offers tenants the chance to build their credit history while making rent payments. This is exciting news for quality, well-deserving tenants planning for homeownership!

Read: Tenants Can Now Build Credit Score With Monthly Rent Payments

Case Study: Value-Add Investments Still Exist

Check out this case study explaining which improvements were prioritized and the final returns for a 310 unit apartment complex in El Paso, Texas.

Bond Market Signalling Another Recession…Maybe

An inverted yield curve is one of many preceding factors of a recession, however other market indicators have a more optimistic outlook. Which ones should we listen to?

Read: Bond Market Is Flashing A Recession Warning—Again

Trigger Happy

Canadian media might jump the gun when it comes to variable rate mortgage payments. Find out why most mortgage borrowers won’t see an increase in payments.

Read: Canada’s Variable Rate Mortgage Borrowers Aren’t In For The Mayhem Media Expects

Has The Bubble Popped Or Deflated?

Want to understand the macro-economics behind Canada’s housing crisis? Watch this video to learn what your focus should be on when investing your money in the future.

The Factors Behind the Housing Affordability Crisis

“This is what happens when a bad blueprint is built to plan”. There are several factors influencing the housing crisis in the U.S., and a lot of these factors are equally—if not more—affecting housing prices in Canada!

Read: Why Your House Was So Expensive

The Eight Cheapest Places To Live (And Rent) In Ontario

Here’s a breakdown of the average rent, house, and living costs in Canada’s most populous province.

Read: 8 Cheapest Places

Interest Rate Hikes: Hoping For the Best While Expecting the Worst

Past interest rate hike cycles have shown that investors should prepare for when rates start to drop. With no clear road map, when will this happen?

Read: Interest Rates Are Still Rising

Taking The Plunge

This article covers the economic outlook for fixed rate mortgages from various major Canadian Lenders. Find out what it could mean for you!

Bubble Trouble

This blogger has an optimistic outlook on the housing market due to the qualified borrowers that weren’t seen during the last market crash. Discover why a slight downturn may happen, but a crash is unlikely!

Read: Is Housing A Bubble Waiting To Pop?

Six Suggested Solutions To The Canadian Housing Crisis

From restricting availability of credit to an “anti-flipping” tax, this blogger has 6 suggestions that will allow more young Canadians to realize the dream of home ownership.

Read: Housing Crisis In Canada – Six Suggested Solutions

The Cues On When Home Prices Will Bottom Out

Read: When Will Canadian Home Prices Bottom?

Canada On The Radar

One in four recent home sales in the U.S. were from institutional investors. Could Canada be their next target? Find out why deep pocketed investors may be eyeing Canadian Real Estate and how it will affect the average Canadian.

Read: ‘A New Phenomenon’: Big Investors Eye Canada’s Home Market, ReMax President Says