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Real Estate Insider: December 2019 News Report

Posted on December 18th 2019 by Lalovich

  • Take a page out of Russel’s book if you are considering a recreational investment property, and look to the south! (Or if your’e in Windsor, North!) This article explains the advantages of investing in the US for Canadian Millennials. Read more
  • Is your rental property a part of your short term or long-term financial strategy? This will determine how you should allocate the costs of the improvements you will most likely have to make.Read here if you are wondering whether to write it off of your income this year, or take it off of your capital gains when you go to sell! Read here
  • Cashing out on your home and renting in retirement might seem like the right choice, but there are many other things to consider before making the jump from owner to renter. What kind of return could you get if you invest the money? What kind of retirement do you want to have? These questions and more are considered in this article for soon-to-be retirees! Read more
  • CRA is really cracking down on Real Estate transactions. Make sure you consult a professional when Buying or Selling Real Estate so you don’t get caught paying hundreds, if not thousands, in fines! Read more about Real Estate tax mistakes a lot of Canadians are making. Read more
  • Is Real Estate still a good investment in Canada? The simple answer: As long as you do it right! Check out this real estate investors tips on doing it right and the risks to look out for! Read here
  • Have you had an experience with the Tarion warranty? This article claims that Tarion seems to favour the Builder and not the Homebuyer. This needs to be fixed as soon as possible! We want to hear your experience dealing with Tarion! Read more
  • Water is something you use everyday without question, so the next time you’re thinking about doing a renovation, keep your water bill in mind! An undetected leak or failed system can cost you thousands per year in wasted water. How to reduce your water bill and save some coin while doing it! Read more
  • The mortgage stress test is to ensure people are still able to afford their home if interest rates were to increase. This sounds like a good idea for most, but not for retirees! How the stress test is making it tough to borrow later in life. Read here
  • Do you know the assessed value of your home for tax purposes? More times than not it is much lower than the market value of your home. MPAC announced that they will be doing new property assessments on some properties in Ontario! Do you fall in the category for a potential new assessment? Find out here
  • 5 things to know about the changes to Real Estate Agent laws in Ontario. Watch Video