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Real Estate Insider: December 2022

Posted on December 20th 2022 by Lalovich

Welcome to the end of the end of the year, Real Estate Insiders! We’ve got our eyes on 2023 and what’s to come: rising interest rates, local market growth, planning for the future, and more. No matter what happens, we wish everyone a happy holiday season and bright new year ahead. Go grab some milk and cookies and kick back with our final blog of 2022!

“If you happened to buy at lower prices with lower rates, you’re not a genius—you got lucky.”

This blog explains the scale and impact that interest rates have had on monthly payments this past year; you may need to get lucky to have financial success.

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2023 Housing Market Outlook

While Re/Max Canada has predicted a 2-8% increase for some medium Ontario cities (including Windsor) other markets aren’t expected to be as lucky!

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Capital Gain Pain

Canadians selling their U.S. properties have tax responsibilities in both countries. Find out how it works!

What Goes Up, Must Come Down…Right?

Bond yields and historical data have led one blogger to believe the end of the rate hike cycle is on the horizon. Are you bold enough to step into the market at this time?

No Tenant Is Better Than A Bad Tenant

The backlog at the Landlord Tenant Board is causing grief for landlords with tenants who refuse to leave or pay rent.

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Caught In The Act

Mortgage fraud is alive and well since the hot market of 2020, but is there a way to stop it? Find out who is playing the blame game and what can be done to drop mortgage fraud to zero.

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City Versus Province

Is Doug Ford playing the bad guy to counteract municipal inaction? Here’s how Ford’s policies are going to change the future of city planning.

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Calling Everyone With A Mortgage!

Are you up for renewal? This blogger has advice for anyone facing a future with rising interest rates.

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Principal Residence Exemption: A Sacred Tax Cow

If you own multiple properties, reading about the PRE and how to minimize capital gains tax should top your to-do list.

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Where There’s A Will

Have you made preparations and considerations for your family once you pass? Not having a will set up could make accessing any of your assets a nightmare for your family! Here are the best online wills for 2022 so you can rest in peace.

Owning Rental Properties: Do You Love To Hate Them, Or Hate To Love Them?

This owner’s love-hate relationship with rental properties is a prime example of why owning them isn’t as passive as people think. Find out why you need to factor in time, patience, and money to make it a success.

How One’s Dream Became Another’s Nightmare

This writer was given a house through a (short lived) organization looking to re-vitalize Detroit. Upon trying to sell two-and-a-half years later, they found out it didn’t technically belong to them. Learn about how race and gender may have been leading factors in the eviction of a Black mother of four in this sad story.