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Real Estate Insider: December 2023

Posted on December 13th 2023 by Lalovich

Welcome back, Real Estate Insiders! As we count down the days of 2023 and get ready to ring in a new year, we’re keeping an eagle’s eye on the ever-changing market. This month, we’re covering what the Canadian government needs to do to sway votes, timing the housing market, a helpful new service entering the Canadian market, and more. Grab a hot chocolate—and if you haven’t signed up to our newsletters—SUBSCRIBE NOW to receive insider updates, tips and advice, the hottest YQG listings, and so much more to keep you informed throughout the month!

“Can” Vs “Should”: Pulling Equity To Help Your Children Buy A Home

Knowledge is power! Before you make the decision, learn about the other (potentially better) sources of a down payment, the drawbacks, and other issues that could arise by pulling equity.

Business Owners: Is Your Corporation The Ticket To Early Retirement?

Watch as this blogger explains the benefits of using your corporation as your retirement fund, the pros and cons, and so much more!

Then Vs Now: Who Has The Better Quality Of Life?

This blogger compares many staple items between now and when our parents were younger to see who has the better quality of life. Is the American dream really dead, or has it just shifted? Find out here!

Read: 24 Charts That Show We’re (Mostly) Living Better Than Our Parents

Will Buyers Agents Become A Thing Of The Past?

The verdict in an American lawsuit regarding real estate commission practices could have effects on Canadian brokerages, but it is too early to tell. Discover how this verdict may forever alter the way agents do business in these next two articles.

Read: Earth-Shattering Court Decision: Will It Make Buyer Agents Extinct?

Read: Lawsuits In The U.S. and Canada: Possible Catalysts For Innovation, Choice And Lower Consumer Costs

Can Politicians Influence Mortgage Rates? If They Want Votes, They’d Better!

This blogger highlights the substantial amount of voters willing to vote Liberal if they can lower mortgage costs prior to elections. Can politicians even do that? The answer is yes—but not without significant risk.

Read: A Third of Canada Would Re-Elect The Liberals If Mortgage Costs Fell

It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year—Unless You’re Selling Your Home

This article breaks down the best and worst times to sell your home—and inversely, the best and worst times to buy. It isn’t too surprising that the cold, snowy months have fewer people out and about, which could create buying opportunities for the savvy investor and first time homebuyer. Find out how to effectively “time the market” here!

Read: The Best Time Of The Year To Buy Property

“Inheritance Culture” Could Remove The Strategic Advantage Canada Has At Attracting Immigration

The chance of homeownership skyrockets if your parents own a home themselves, and the reliance on the “bank of mom and dad” could become problematic if this trend continues. Read about why we may be returning to the old days where family money is the most important aspect to wealth, and playing catch-up is about as likely as winning the lottery.

Read: Canadian Housing Resembles A Return To Victorian-Era Inheritance Culture: Stat Can

RBC: Immigration Needs To Grow Long Term, Contrary To Popular Belief

With the current housing crisis, a pause in immigration seems reasonable. In the long-term, Canada still needs to ramp up immigration levels to keep the appropriate age structure intact. Read more about this outlook and why short-term residents may be a major source of this issue.

Read: Canada Needs A Lot More Immigrants, Almost Double The Current Rate In The Long Run: RBC

Looming Housing Slowdown Or Meltdown: It’s Up To The BOC

This blogger reviews the numbers and determines that there is a “mortgage renewal cliff” looming over Canada’s next few years. The drop-off of said cliff will be determined by the Bank of Canada’s posture going into 2025. Read their predictions and see if you agree or think this is just another “doomsday” headline.

Read: David Rosenberg: Canada’s Menacing Mortgage Math Means Crisis Looming Expands Into Canada—Can You Guess What They Do?

One of the largest providers of information regarding rental units in America is making the jump into the Canadian market. This will provide accessible info for renters and property managers to streamline the renting process. Read more about this company here!

Read: Expands to Canadian Markets

Industrial Companies: You Are Clear For Landing

The City of Windsor is preparing a large amount of land surrounding the airport for industrial development in anticipation of large companies looking to build in Windsor. In doing this, they hope to deliver and not miss out on large developments wanting to move to Windsor—and fast! Read more about the terms and potential for these lands!

Read: Windsor Preparing Large Swath Of Airport Land For Economic Development

High Interest Rates Here To Stay? BOC’s #2 Official Says They Are

Structural forces that kept borrowing costs low for a long time (even way before the pandemic) have appeared to shift; the idea that interest rates need to stay high to keep inflation at bay is becoming more realistic. Read the predictions and discover why Canada needs to start saving up!

Read: Interest Rates May Stay Higher For Good: Bank Of Canada’s Carolyn Rogers

Time To Reprioritize: Overdue Tax Rates Set To Hit 10% In 2024

If paying your taxes wasn’t on your to-do list, they probably should be. At 10%, the overdue tax rate will cause many individuals and businesses to prioritize paying their overdue taxes instead of keeping the cash for other areas of their life, further stressing our economy. Were overdue rates too low for people to care before? Read more here!

Read: CRA’s Rate On Overdue Taxes Will Rise To 10 Percent, Causing Tax Advisers To Shift Strategy

Vilifying Housing Investors Shows A Lack Of Understanding About The Housing Shortage—Proving We Need To Educate Our Prime Minister

Canada needs about 1 trillion dollars over the next 7 years to restore housing affordability. If investors are to blame, where will the money come from? Read bout why we need more investors in the housing market, not less.

Read: Trudeau’s Bashing Of Real Estate Investors Shows Lack Of Understanding About Housing

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