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Real Estate Insider: February 2019 News Report

Posted on February 21st 2019 by Lalovich

Welcome back! This month we compiled a set of topics fit for home owners and investors alike to help you weigh your options before making some of the big decisions in real estate.

  • If you are thinking of investing in commercial real estate (CRE), this article does a fantastic job of laying out the basics of all aspects of CRE to help point you in the right direction. After reading this, give us a call to learn more! Read more
  • Don’t be surprised, be prepared! Renting Vs Buying is an age old debate. While this isn’t one of those articles (it kind of is), it simply breaks down the hidden costs of home ownership that many people don’t consider when contemplating purchasing a home. Read more
  • Radon, the silent killer. Make sure you know if you are at risk of harmful radon gas because it is one of the most preventable cause of lung cancer there is! Read here to find out what you need to know. Read more  
  • Your ego might like the big house, but your back and wallet won’t. Here are 6 reasons to avoid buying a large house. Read more
  • Do you have gn investments and want to buy a home in Canada? This article can explain some of the hoops you’ll need to jump through and some of the calculations you need to consider before making the leap. Read more
  • Winter is considered the real estate “off-season” because there are less listings, less buyers, and less motivation to go out and look at houses. Read why these are the perfect reasons to buy during this time! Read more    
  • Thinking of buying an investment property but don’t have the down payment in your bank account? Have you thought about a home equity line of credit (HELOC)? Whether you have, or you have no idea what that is, this article is for you. Read more 
  • Ever thought of what would happen to your mortgage if you pass away? This article walks you through multiple scenarios if this question ever crossed your mind. Read more
  • 5 tips from a lawyer to make sure you are protected in 2019! Watch video  
  • What’s going on with mortgage rates? Make sure you do your research before your next renewal so you get the best rate possible. You can start with this video! Watch video