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Real Estate Insider: February 2020 News Report

Posted on February 11th 2020 by Lalovich

  • If you’re sitting on a paid-off house in a prominent area, you may think you’re sitting on a gold mine for retirement. However, there are many factors to consider when deciding whether to down-size, right-size, or get out of the market completely. This article gives you a general overview of things to consider before pulling the trigger on putting the “For Sale” sign up! Read more
  • In response to the current housing crisis, Ontario Conservatives have released a “Co-ownership guide” to help people maximize the space in large homes and share the cost. This sounds great in theory, but there is a high risk of financial disputes that they fail to mention or prepare you for. Do you think you could own and live in a home with a friend? If your answer is yes, read this article for some potential problems to prepare for! Read more
  • How well your investments do largely depends on the asset class you choose to invest in. Read why this investor chose farmland 7 years ago over many other investment classes, and why he just realized a return of 268%! Even if farmland isn’t your cup of tea, this article can help you look at the bigger picture when it comes to investing so you can make sure your money is working harder than you are! Read more
  • With many new condo projects in the works for Windsor-Essex, make sure your current condo is keeping up with the modern look! Here are 3 renovation tips for condos that can help keep it at (or bring it too) the top of Market Value. Read more
  • Why wood-framed apartment and condo buildings are slowly becoming the “norm” in todays market and why some builders even prefer this method! *Hint hint, it has a lot to do with money! Read more
  • If you have one or more rental properties, you may be missing out on RRSP room that could help you during tax season! Learn how does income from a rental property create RRSP contribution room. Read here
  • Canadian rents are up 4.3% since last year, which cities saw the biggest increase and which cities are still “affordable”. Read here
  • Canada’s top banker believes a solution to the affordability crisis is to split mortgage costs with investors. This is far from a perfect solution, but could be a step in the right direction, learn more about what it would entail. Read more
  • 4 ways to save more on taxes if you’re a real estate investor. Including the difference incorporating yourself or your business can make! Read more