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Real Estate Insider: February 2022

Posted on February 23rd 2022 by Lalovich

Hi there, Real Estate Insiders! With tax season around the corner, we hope you’ve got an appetite for some number crunching. In fact, you could call this our “numbers” edition as we cover taxes, inflation, financing, mortgage calculators, HST, and much more. The market might seem a bit scary, but don’t worry—we’ve got you covered. So grab your coffee, kick back, and take notes: this is a big one!

Your Debt Service Ratio: As Important to Know as Your Blood Type

Your ratios are convenient indicators of your financial condition. Learn why it’s important to understand what they are and how to calculate them.

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Power of Attorney—Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late!

Refinancing Your Rental: Tax Tips to Help You Keep Your Money

The Big Pop: Toronto Bubble Market

There are now more Realtors in Toronto than teachers. Find out just what this could mean.

Read: The Toronto Real Estate Bubble Now Has 1 In 59 Workers Selling Homes

Taxing Equity in Canadian Real Estate

Should the entire country benefit from the wealth this country’s real estate has built?

Read: Canadian Real Estate Equity Should Be Taxed

Know the Numbers

Here are the Top 10 online mortgage and house calculators to find out if you’re ready to buy!

Home Away From Home?

Foreign buyers now own 1 in 10 new condos in Canada and 1 in 20 homes in total—anyone else concerned?

Read: Foreign Buyers Own 1 In 10 Recently Built Condos In Canada, 1 In 20 Homes In Total

The Collapse of the Champlain Towers

Learn how 40 years of issues converged to one deadly night.

Read: How decades of problems converged the night Champlain Towers fell

Affordable Housing Crisis: Stop Moping, Start Hoping

Read this blogger’s list of practical and easily implemented actions to actually start addressing the problem of the affordable housing crisis. A welcomed change of pace from the current government method of trying to “Tax” their way out of it. 

Read: How to fix the affordable housing crisis

Ontarians On the Move

Is Immigration the main factor in increased population growth? The answer might surprise you!

Read: Increased immigration targets played only a minor role in Ontario’s population growth


HST is applicable on new construction, but ALSO when a home is “Substantially Renovated”. What does that mean exactly? The answer is quite complicated. Here are some examples of when HST is applicable and the ways to save the most!

The 5 Ws of Capital Gains Tax

Knowledge is power! Discover why you may not be getting as much as you thought out of a sale.

Read: Capital gains tax when selling a second property in Canada

Evicting A Tenant for Personal Use

You have to know when to hold ’em, and when to fold ’em! Discover the steps necessary to evict a tenant if you want to move into your property.

Read: Evicting a tenant for personal use of your property

Advice on Gifting Money for A Downpayment

If you are giving (or if you’re lucky, receiving) money for a down payment on a home, here are some tips to make it a smooth and successful process!

Read: Rules for gifting a down payment in Canada

Purchasing A Newly Built Home in Ontario? Good News!

Whether its for your personal residence or a rental property, there’s an HST rebate for you!

$1 Increase in Net Operating Income = $20 Equity Increase?

According to this blogger, yes! Start saving money today by following these simple steps.

Read: How to make your investment property more affordable …for you

Do You or Someone You Know Have a Popcorn Ceiling? You May be Entitled to Compensation

Just kidding, but boy is it ugly! Read the steps for removing a popcorn ceiling.

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Inflated Inflation

What’s driving this crazy inflation? According to this blogger, one of the items isn’t even something that most people buy!

The Results Are In: The Ontario Housing Affordability Task Force

In a shocking discovery, there aren’t enough homes and the government makes it too difficult/expensive to develop! In other breaking news…water is wet!

Read: Report of the Ontario Housing Affordability Task Force