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Real Estate Insider: February 2024

Posted on February 21st 2024 by Lalovich

Welcome back, Real Estate Insiders! This month we’re bringing you the latest collection of news and tips including qualifying for a mortgage with the mortgage stress test, international student housing, bitcoin ETFs, and much more. Oh, and if you haven’t signed up to our newsletters SUBSCRIBE NOW to receive insider updates, tips and advice, the hottest YQG listings, and so much more to keep you informed throughout the month. Let’s dive in!

House Rich But Cash Poor? There’s A Fix For That!

Here are some options if you have lots of equity in your home, but are struggling to pay your monthly expenses.

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Could You Afford Your Own Home If You Had To Buy It Right Now?

It’s an interesting question—my bet is a lot of people would say “Heck, no”. It makes you feel for all the first time homebuyers out there! Find out how mortgage rates and prices have changed so much in so little time.

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Mortgage Stress Test Rules Will Continue To Stress Buyers Everywhere

Canada’s bank regulators have held firm on their stress test rules for the third year in a row. As one of the factors in the slow down of home sales, buyers need to qualify at rates close to 8%! Learn about the reasoning behind this decision.

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H-I-S-A E-T-Fs Sudden Popularity Have Caught The Eye Of The O-S-F-I.

Sorry for all the abbreviations. Basically, they are looking at rules at regulating money market ETFs now that interest rates are high enough to make them matter!

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Canada’s Economy Is Too Dependant On Housing, But Remains Everyone’s Focus

The red flags are there, but the government seems to be doubling down on housing. Find out more about the stats and how it compares in America circa 2006.

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The Good Old Days Are Right Now: Why It’s Not As Bad As The Headlines Make It Seem

It turns out that Americans are doing better financially than previously thought. Some politicians are outright lying to try to prove their point, but this blogger breaks down the stats to show the average American is wealthier than some are lead to believe.

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Spot Bitcoin ETFs Are Here: The Path To Bitcoin For The Everyday Investor?

While bitcoin futures ETFs have been around for some time, these “spot” ETFs are new and have some advantages over other avenues of investing in bitcoin. Read more about what they are and how (or if) to invest in them.

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Mortgage-Free: Now What?

A good problem to have: this couple is mortgage-free, still working full time, and unsure of what to do with the extra disposable income they won’t be spending on a mortgage payment. Read their secrets to becoming mortgage-free and what it means moving forward.

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Rate Of Return On your Primary Residence: Does Anyone Actually Know?

This blogger takes a look at historical returns on prices, but there are many factors to consider regarding your primary residence. See if you can crack the code on your home!

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Bringing Home Building Inside—The Key To Year-Round Production?

Some believe the key to affordable housing involves pre-built homes that are assembled on site like building blocks. One company out of Ottawa took it a step further: using AI and robots to precisely custom build a home based on the site and ship it out to be assembled like an Ikea cabinet, automatically setting up trades and other skilled workers. Would you trust yourself to assemble your own home? Read more about this “groundbreaking” technology that is bringing homebuilding into the 21st century.

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Single Family Homes Are For Single Families

This petition is to stop investment firms from buying single family homes in Canada. Do you agree? Read more about the petition and how to sign here.

Read: Concerned Group Petitions Federal Government To Stop Investment Companies From Buying Single-Family Homes

Ontario To Require ‘Guaranteed’ Foreign Student Housing

Following a cap set on international student visas permitted for the next few years, is this the end of the cash cow for colleges and universities? It is believed that many post-secondary institutions lured international students in by guaranteeing employment, housing, and much more, then failing to deliver despite charging as much as five times the tuition paid by Canadian students. Read more on the potential impacts of this legislation here.

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U.S. State Senators Write Letter Urging Rate Cuts: Will It Fall On Deaf Ears?

Not only did they write a letter, but so did the Mortgage Bankers Association, the National Association of Realtors, and the National Association of Home Builders urging the need for rate cuts. Learn more about the impact of rate cuts to the housing crisis, the rental market, and more!

Read: Senator Warren’s Letter To Powell Urges Fed To Cut Rates, Improve Housing Affordability

Canada To Offer Post-Secondary Institutions Low-Cost Loans To Build Student Housing

Canada needs more student housing and this is how the government is going to help do it.

Read: Canada To Offer Universities, Colleges Low-Cost Loans To Build New Student Housing

Three Landlords In Ontario Owe Over $144 Million In Unpaid Loans

These landlords are under bankruptcy protection as a last resort before the creditors can come after their various companies. They all have shaky histories and whether they can save their companies over the next few months is to be determined. Find out how these landlords got themselves in such deep water.

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