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Real Estate Insider: January 2020 News Report

Posted on January 16th 2020 by Lalovich

  • A sign of a good economy is cranes in the sky! There were more permits for new construction in 2019 than ever before in Windsor-Essex! Read some of the biggest developments happening in Windsor and the most popular permits granted across the city! Read here
  • A large reason for the recent Windsor- Essex real estate boom is the vast number of people moving to town! But who is it that’s moving in? From immigration to youth from other Ontario cities, see which group is moving in the largest numbers and why! Read more
  • Being a Landlord is becoming more and more difficult in Ontario, especially if you rented to a bad Tenant (and now you’re stuck with them). According to this article, it is mostly due to the incompetence and abuse of power the Landlord Tenant Board is showing in favour of Tenants. Read this article about this Landlords bad experience and let us know if you’ve had your own bad experience with the LTB! Read more
  • With a large percentage of the population set to retire in the coming years, there will be a lot more people looking to supplement their retirement income with investments, but should these retirees be borrowing to invest? The answer is most likely no, but everyones situation is different! Take Garrey for example, he’s wondering if borrowing to cover his rental property expenses is a good long term strategy in retirement. If you have similar questions, this article is a great starting point! Read more
  • Do you know your credit score? If you’re going to be applying for a mortgage in the near future, the more you know the better! Read here to learn more about where to find your credit score, how it is calculated, tips on improving it, and more! Read more
  • The Average single family home size is declining, this is a positive sign for Real Estate investors due to the cyclical tendencies of the market. Learn more about why the reduction in size could mean big bucks for real estate investors in the coming years. Read more
  • Ever wonder what would happen if your real estate deal doesn’t close on time? It can get pretty messy if the Buyer or Seller is late delivering documents! What would happen if bad weather or traffic were to hold up the closing of your dream home. Read more
  • 5 Tips to keep the temperature up and heating bill down all winter long! What we like to call a “Win Win!”. Read more
  • Why EVERYONE should have a will, and keep it updated! Read more