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Posted on January 13th 2021 by Lalovich

We’ve got a stack of articles to whet your appetite, Real Estate Insiders. Hungry for a starter of election news, a side of mortgage rates and credit scores, and a helping of landlords and leases? Get it while it’s hot—let’s dig in!

Affordable Housing on the Horizon

A new 18 unit apartment in Tilbury gets the green light. Read more about the affordable housing project here!

I Can’t Help Being A Student!

Is it discriminatory to post housing ads targeted at students? That’s what this CBC author is claiming, having seen several ads for rental properties targeted to this demographic. The Ontario Human Rights Commission discourages such rental ads from targeting one group, but is “student” classified as a group? Read more about it here.

Movin’ On Up!

A new Re/Max study indicates that relocating and move-up buyers will be the main driver for another strong year of growth in the Canadian Housing Market. Read more about their predictions for 2021 here.

A Truly Taxing Presidential Election

While many of people are cheering Biden’s presidential victory in the United States, it may mean a higher tax for Canadians with cross-border affairs. If you’re wondering how Biden’s presidency might affect your American investments, start by reading this!

Foreign Buyers Beware: You’re In for a Scare

In an attempt to make housing more affordable for Canadians, the government is planning a foreign buyers tax on residential real estate. While this might help deter some foreign buyers from bidding on multiple houses, some experts say it could slow the growth of the economy and in the end be a net negative venture. Read more about it here and decide if you think this is the solution to the housing affordability crisis Canadians are facing.

0.99% Mortgage Rate? A No-Brainer…Right?

It might not be all it’s cracked up to be. While all mortgage rates are at historic lows, is HSBC’s variable rate of 0.99% a clear winner or just a way to get you in the door? Read what some experts have to say here.

Guide to a Good Credit Score and More!

Your credit score can be one of the most important factors that banks look at when qualifying you for a mortgage. Before you go applying, be sure to check your credit score so you know what to expect! Understand what qualifies as a “good” credit score, and get tips on how to improve it fast here!

It Pays to Compare

This is especially true when it comes to choosing a tenant. This article compares the top 3 tenant screening tools out there so you can make an educated decision and get help to choose the best tenant available!

Measure Twice, List Once

This seller and listing agent marketed a property as over 2,000 square feet, but an appraisal revealed it was actually only 1,450 square feet. There was a firm offer in place at this point and the buyer no longer wanted the property. Who do you think won the lawsuit? Read here to find out!

Capital Gains Explained

What is it? How do I calculate it? How do I avoid it? It’s all right here!

Gas Stoves: Burning More Than Your Meals

As natural gas is inexpensive, having a gas stove might seem like a help when the bills are due. There are other costs associated with gas stoves that might not make it worth the savings. Read here about the rise in concern over gas stoves in the wake of Covid-19.

Boredom Killer: Rearrange the Living Room!

Here’s 10 living room layouts to consider if you’re looking to upgrade your space!

Love It or Lease It?

Toronto is seeing rent prices decrease due to the lack of traffic (and AirBnB customers) because of the pandemic. It has left many landlords asking: “Should I lock in a tenant before prices go down further, or wait until they go up again?”. Read here if you are in a similar situation as this blogger tries to consider all the factors. 

Welcome to the Mile High Tax Club, LaSalle!

LaSalle’s recent construction boom can be attributed to many factors, one definitely being its attractive tax rate compared to Windsor’s. LaSalle is expected to raise its municipal tax rate 1.95%—is that enough to bring people back to Windsor? Read here and decide for yourself.

Fun Fact: 80% of New York’s Tax Revenue Comes from 17% of its Residents

That 17% is pretty important to the city’s tax revenue, so if they left it would be a pretty big deal, right? Right! And it seems to be the new trend of the 1% to move to cities where they can get huge tax breaks. Read here about where they are all heading to and the implications of them going “remote”.