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Real Estate Insider: January 2023

Posted on January 18th 2023 by Lalovich

It’s wild out there, Real Estate Insiders! We’re tackling bull-versus-bear forecasts with a 2023 real estate survival guide complete with primers, pro advice, handy tips, and much more. Buckle up—it’s going to be a bumpy ride!

Trouble With The Yield Curve

The bond market may be screaming “Recession!”, but with the Feds pulling so many levers behind the scenes it’s almost impossible to know what the future holds. Learn how to decipher the yield curve here!

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How Low Will It Go?

Housing prices have fallen since their peak in Spring 2021, but how much further can they fall? Will this housing recession precede an economic recession for 2023? Discover what could happen if housing were to fall 10 to 20 percent this year—it’s not as bad as you might think!

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Real Estate Rules Of Thumb

Although they are far from perfect and need to be adjusted based on your circumstance, these quick and easy calculations are good ways to assess real estate investment opportunities.

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2023 Real Estate: Stuff You Should Know!

This blogger details where interest rates are headed, along with new construction, resale markets, the ins and outs of Bill 23, and more.


Dual agency is a tricky role that not everyone with a real estate licence is equipped to handle. This blogger proposes to fix unnecessary issues by holding the agent liable and providing more educational tools to navigate through a dual agency scenario.

Is A Buyers Market On The Horizon?

It’s possible, but—according to this blogger—not for long! Learn about the battle with inflation and the strong fundamentals of the housing market that might balance the market during these uncertain times.

Egress Basement Windows

Having a basement fire would be terrible, but I di(e)gress the correct window could save a life!

Okay, it’s a bad pun, but the info here is important! Watch to learn about egress windows and their importance in all basement units and bedrooms.

Knowledge Is Power: New Anti-Flipping Rule Breakdown

Rocket Mortgage Takes On The Great White North

Rocket Mortgage Canada, the new subsidiary of powerhouse Rocket Mortgage, reflects on their humble beginnings as they look forward to disrupting the mortgage industry in 2023.

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Canada’s Population Growth: Boom Or Bust?

Learn about Canada’s aggressive immigration targets and what to expect in relation to the housing market.

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Top 10 Tax Planning Tips

Cherry Chan has 10(ish) tax tips for your 2022 year end!

2023 Housing Price Forecast: Will Fortune Favour The Bold?

Take a look at the wide range of housing price forecasts for 2023; despite having more bears than bulls in this scenario, recent history reminds us that nothing is certain.

The Cheapest Places To Live In Ontario

This article breaks down average rent, home purchase, and living costs for some of the most affordable places in Ontario.

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