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Real Estate Insider: July 2019 News Report

Posted on July 15th 2019 by Lalovich

  • With the increasing number of hoops the banks are requiring people to jump through to qualify for a mortgage, private lending is becoming more and more popular for many, especially the self-employed! Is a private lender advantageous for you and your business? Read more
  • Owning a cottage is a dream many of us have, and for good reason! But just because you can afford the mortgage payments, is it really the best idea for your short & long-term goals? Read here for tips and strategies to help determine if the relaxing weekend at the cottage outweighs the hit to your bank account. Read more
  • The never-ending “Rent vs. Buy” debate continues!Learn about 10 lessons this couple learned after losing money on their home. Read more
  • Windsor was named “The Best Place To Buy Real Estate” in 2019, but a lot of people are convinced we are sitting on a bubble that’s about to burst. What stage of the real estate cycle is Windsor currently in?  Learn about the 4 stages of the real estate cycle and indicators of each and decide for yourself! Read more
  • This Toronto lawyer thinks the government is very one-sided when it comes to dealing with developers and consumers contracts, with the consumers are getting the short end of the stick! But who’s really to blame? Read more here! Read more
  • Interest-only mortgage payments are making a return to the Canadian market, this may be a viable option for those having difficulty qualifying for a traditional mortgage. Read more
  • If the above article sparked your interest regarding interest-only mortgages, this article is for you! Read more about these mortgages and how they are taking the mortgage channel by storm. Read more
  • Disclosure and “As Is” clause advice from a top real estate lawyer! What needs to be disclosed by a Seller and what doesn’t? Find out here. Watch video
  • A good way to make a cottage more affordable is to rent it out when you’re not using it! To help make this as advantageous as possible, here is a list of 11 tax-deductible expenses you should consider to save more of your money! Read more
  • Having a pet can impact the sale price of your home in a negative way, so are they really worth it? Just kidding, of course they are! Be sure to follow these tips to make sure your lovable friend doesn’t turn away potential Buyers! Read more