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Real Estate Insider: July 2021

Posted on July 26th 2021 by Lalovich

Real Estate Insiders, get ready as we dive into owning a home in 2021! Discover the value of your home, where the housing market is headed, who is moving to Windsor, why it’s time to sell, and much more.

Living in a Gold Mine?

If you bought your home in the past few years, there’s a good chance it has significantly appreciated. Is it time to tap into that equity? Make sure you know the potential risks—start by reading this article to get a grip on some of the pros and cons of refinancing and a HELOC.

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Martin’s Mortgage Maneuver

If you need or are thinking of breaking your mortgage early, then Martin might be your guy! Read about the loophole that has the potential to save you thousands in penalties when ending your mortgage term early. 

Flood Insurance—Luxury or Necessity?

For Windsor-Essex County, we have a slightly different answer than most of Canada. Discover the ins and outs of what is covered under a typical insurance plan when it comes to water, and whether you should consider adding flood insurance to our policy (Hint: it’s probably yes).

Real Negative Topic

Negative Real Rates are here! The Government is taking advantage, shouldn’t you?

Edison Financial: The Future of Lending

Changing the mortgage industry right in our backyard: we were honoured to help clients at Edison Financial acquire their beautiful new office space in Downtown Windsor, and we are thrilled to see their outstanding success. How did they reach such great success in such uncertain times?

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Vacant Home Tax: Take THAT, Speculators!

NDP has proposed a tax on vacant homes and speculator buying also known as “land banking” to help curb the shortage of affordable rental units in Toronto and beyond. Will this make a dent in the real issue?

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Demographics Are Destiny: Where Are We Headed?

Demographics have a large impact on the style, size, and location of new development. These two articles show where the majority of the population falls and what this means for the next big housing shift.

The Next Big Shift:

Demographics Are Destiny:

Toronto Buyer Boom Driving up YQG Real Estate

You hear this a lot, and while it isn’t the only factor of the housing boom we are experiencing, it certainly isn’t helping. Find out just how many people are fleeing the big city! 

GTA Exodus:

Double Trouble for Buyers

If you are thinking of buying a home to convert into a duplex, watch this video for helpful tips and tricks.

Canada: The Place To Be

Over 60 million Chinese want to immigrate to Canada over the next two years. What does this mean for our already low supply of homes?

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The Corporate Takeover of Single-Family Homes

Over half of multi-family properties are owned by institutional investors, but they only own 2-3% of single family homes. With this number expected to rise, will future generations be forced to rent from large institutions? Here’s a projected outlook and why flexibility for young people might be a positive thing.

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Retire, Relax…and Rent?

Paying off your home is a goal for many prior to retirement, but is that the best way to save on monthly expenses? Find out why this financial planner is telling people to put their ego aside and cash in on the equity in their homes for retirement—it might just be the reason you get to retire early!

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All Dressed Up and Nothing To Close

There are officially more realtors in the U.S. than there are homes on the market. With the number of realtors skyrocketing, that’s a lot of hungry mouths to feed!

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Status certificate review should be part of every condominium purchase. This article does a good job of detailing what to look for!

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“Waive” Goodbye to Your New House

This article explains how buyers nullified their agreement of purchase and sale by trying to introduce new terms while waving their conditions. The seller did not accept these new terms and therefore the buyers lost out on the property. Read about this Judge’s ruling and learn why you should read your contracts carefully.

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