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Real Estate Insider: June 2020

Posted on June 17th 2020 by Lalovich

While a lot of speculators are predicting a housing market crash, it’s not going to be like it was in 2008. Reason being? The banks have learned from their mistakes. That being said, the end of 2020 might be the time to buy if your are in a strong financial position. Read here why a Buyers market might be coming, and why if you can wait to sell, you should.

“Sometimes what’s legal isn’t always fair” and this pandemic has proven that point. Leases between commercial Tenants and Landlords might be air tight when it comes to paying rent, but the most important thing to remember is that Landlords depend on Tenants, and Tenants depend on Landlords. This interdependence should be considered an asset, and both parties should be working together to come out of this on top, no matter what the law says. If your landlord doesn’t share this same views, read here about some clauses that could help you if you’re in serious financial trouble.

Whether your mortgage is up for renewal, you want to take advantage of the low interest rates, or money is tight due to this pandemic, these articles are a good place to start if your are considering refinancing or renewing your mortgage during COVID-19.

Refinancing a Mortgage in Canada Amid the COVID-19 Crisis

Renewing Your Mortgage This Year? What You Need To Know

Read here for tips and options on what to do with a rental property when you owe more than it’s worth.

Between changes in lifestyle, income, and cleanliness, we have seen (and expect to continue to see) a re-shaping of the rental market. Proving once again that creativity is the career of the future, and here’s how.

Housing prices in Windsor-Essex could get crushed.…or could continue to climb. The truth is no-one knows for sure at this point, and here’s why.

The deadline for filing your taxes has extended to June 1, and payment until September 1. Here’s what you need to know about these extensions and if you should be filing a tax return this year (Yes).

Everyone is so focused on the residential market, but people forget there’s a whole other sector of real estate investing that is just as good (if not better) for the right investors! This article explains how every category of commercial real estate was hit during this pandemic, and the investment opportunities that has arose because of it.

Whether you think stainless steel is here to stay or is the current kitchen fad, you should still know how to clean it! This article explains how to win the battle and the war when it comes to keeping stainless steel clean.

This mortgage broker thinks mortgage deferral should be the last options investors face, and a lot of people are deferring their mortgage without knowing all of the implications. Make sure to read her article so you’re not of those people!

This pandemic may be the catalyst, but not the cause for the rental property industry collapsing. Read why COVID-19 is decimating the already small profits that come from rental properties.

(Inflation adjusted) negative interest rates are out there, read here how this blogger got one, and what it means for his portfolio.

Advice for Landlords and Renters during this Pandemic, and how to plan for brighter days ahead.

Here’s the highlights of major financial companies forecasts for housing market prices in the next few years. Small warning, they all use vague terms to cover up the fact that no-one really knows.