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Real Estate Insider: March 2019 News Report

Posted on March 22nd 2019 by Lalovich

  • Spring is here! This month we’ve got loads of tips & tricks as the Real Estate season begins to heat up! If you’re looking to invest in a vacation rental, make sure you buy where the people are going! Read this list of 2018’s most booked Canadian destinations. Read more
  • ROI isn’t just a formula to use when purchasing a property; it should be used for day-to-day decision making in all of your real estate investments! Read here how ROI can be used in anything from purchasing a home to separately metering the water in a duplex! Read more
  • Read here this Doctors testimonial in favour of real estate investing, and how he came to this conclusion only after trying many other methods of creating financial independence and long term wealth. Read more
  • Buying or Selling a home can take up a lot of time, so why waste your most precious resource reading through long descriptions of tons of pictures when only a few works better? Read here why “short and sweet” is the way to go when listing a home. Read more 
  • Here are 10 questions you probably have or have had if you are thinking about buying your first home. These might lead to a number of follow-up questions, but luckily we are always available to help you answer them! Read more
  • If you’re lucky enough to have your grandparents around, be sure to listen to all their stories! They might have advice that could change your life! Read here how this man’s grandmother defied the odds and became wealthy through house hacking, and sparked a passion in him that is responsible for his success today! Read more
  • The debate of Buying vs Renting continues! This time, it is explained in a different way that most people don’t think of! Read more
  • If you’re young and thinking about retirement(which you should be), you are probably thinking whether RRSP’s or buying a home should be your first step to a comfortable retirement. This article can shed some light on that question. Read more
  • When applying for a mortgage, would you rather speak with an expert or go completely digital? Seems Canada is lagging behind other countries in the automation of mortgage applications department. Call me old fashioned, but I don’t think that’s a bad thing! Read more 
  • Should you re-new your mortgage early? Not saying drop everything and run to the bank, but here are a few things to consider! Read more

Thank you for reading & keep an eye out for more to come from your Lalovich Real Estate team!