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Real Estate Insider: March 2022

Posted on March 24th 2022 by Lalovich

Welcome back, Real Estate Insiders! Let’s dive into this month’s articles as we cover the Canadian Real Estate Market, the history of housing investment, and why “NIMBY” homeowners need to change their tune for the sake of affordable housing.

The Ontarian Exodus

Toronto hasn’t been keeping up with new construction since 2015, but other cities have stepped up! Find out why it makes sense that people leave the GTA and “drive until they qualify”.

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Snow Removal A Slippery Slope for the City

Here’s why the city may have more responsibility than you think for clearing municipal sidewalks.

Affordable Housing Anxieties

Although desperately needed, affordable housing is met with stigma and bias from surrounding neighbours. Would you like to see social housing in your neighbourhood? Find out why doing affordable housing the right way is the key.

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Ultimate Floor Plan Solutions

Tired of the time and hassle spent creating floor plans? These software solutions “lay it out” for you.

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A History of Housing

When it comes to investing, timing is everything. This blogger breaks down the historical average returns on housing; the numbers might surprise you!

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Trudeau’s aims at record setting immigration will put pressure on an exhausted housing market, yet immigration is the leading cause of growth in the work force.

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The Ultimate Double Whammy

Low reserve funds are often leading to overvalued condos, leaving some condo owners bracing for financial impact. How will legislation protect condo owners across Canada?

Variable Vs Fixed Rate Mortgages: Time to lock it in?

In a rate-rising environment, is it time for people with variable mortgage success to lock in to a fixed rate? It’s not binary—discover your options.

“Equity in the Marketplace Begins with Equity in Law”

“Not In My Backyard’ers” or “NIMBYs” are creating a dark and light blocking cloud on the horizon of affordable housing. The time for reconditioning is now: NIMBYs need to be the glimmer of hope for increasing units with accessory dwelling units, but the government needs to make some serious changes to their legislation surrounding development. learn more about the issues the created by the government.

A Market of Financial Inequality

While we’re not technically in a “bubble”, our housing market is creating wealthy homeowners—leaving first-time home buyers and renters in the dust. Read here how the gap is increasing and isn’t showing any signs of slowing down.

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Canadian Real Estate Stats Explained

This blogger dives into the Demographic Stats for an explanation of the Canadian market. Discover Canada’s fastest growing cities, the vacant home issue, and more!

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