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Real Estate Insider: March 2024

Posted on March 19th 2024 by Lalovich

Welcome back, Real Estate Insiders—we’re making this month everything about the housing market! Find out the true cost of living in Canada in 2024, why you’ll pay more to be single, mortgage fraud in the GTA, tax rate increases, and so much more. Let’s dive in!

Are Houses Affordable Anywhere?

This blogger points out how up until 2017 most of America had affordable housing when comparing housing prices to disposable income. Unless you’ve been living under a rock (if so, is it cheap?) you’ve seen the sharp increase in prices. He says while it’s bad in America, it’s is much worse in other countries… like Canada. See how the gap between home prices and income has worsened and where you’d have to move for it to improve.

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It’s A Trap!

Immigration is exceeding what our capital stock and infrastructure can absorb. The result? No increase in the standard of living until this gets resolved. Find out how severe this trap is and what we can do to fix it.

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The 5 Ws Of The Canadian Housing Crisis

WHO: Canadians. WHAT: Housing affordability. WHEN: Right friggin’ now. WHERE: Everywhere. WHY: Read here to find out!

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“Singles Tax” Higher Than Ever Before

The premium on rent as a solo renter has increased significantly over the years. Discover how much being “partner-deficient” will cost you in these major American cities.

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Good News, Bad News

Canada may need to stoke the fire on a simmering housing market as its economy heads in the opposite direction from its southern trading partner.

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Generational Wealth: Beyond The Numbers

This blogger says that creating generational wealth is more than trusts, estates, and wills. Psychological and emotional factors come into play, requiring us to raise children who understand money, have good values, and don’t grow up entitled or selfish. Read more prime examples and learn how to make sure you don’t screw up the next generation by making it too easy.

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HSBC Mortgage Fraud: How Deep Does The Rabbit Hole Go?

Mortgage fraud in the GTA was rampant during the Pandemic. There’s suspicion that there were employees at HSBC (acquired by RBC) that were in on it. How much money was laundered, and through how many properties? That’s what this investigator hopes to find out.

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Don’t Believe Everything You See On The Internet

Real estate investors in big trouble while flaunting luxurious lifestyles online reinforces the deceptiveness of social media. Find out how they are getting bankruptcy protection!

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The Bearish Outlook For Housing

You can try to create a narrative for a housing crash, but the evidence just doesn’t support it. This blogger says it will take “something out of left field” for a significant drop in house prices. Send this article to your friends who’ve called for a housing crash every year for the past five years!

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“Vancouver Model” Money Laundering Found In Toronto

Casinos have always been a hot spot for money laundering, but how much has this method inflated housing prices? Not enough in Ontario for policy makers to do something about it—yet. Read more about this unique style of money laundering and see if you’d support legislation to prevent it.

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The Federal Housing Accelerator: Did Windsor Drop the Ball?

Losing out on the $70 million HAF money, Windsor will need to find novel ways to increase density, which apparently doesn’t include fourplex as-of-right development.

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“You Can’t Tax Your Way To Affordability”

Canada is seeing huge tax rate increases nation wide. Is this necessary or is it time for the government to stop relying so heavily on housing? Read more about some of the outrageous spikes we are seeing!

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