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Real Estate Insider: May 2019 News Report

Posted on May 17th 2019 by Lalovich

  • Whether it’s your first time or your 30th time buying a home, you should be striving to possess as many of these traits of successful home buyers as possible! Read about all 9 here. Read more
  • If you own an older home and have been lucky enough to have never flooded, chances are you eventually will have to deal with that issue (hopefully on a small scale). But are you aware of what is covered under your current insurance? If not, you should be! Read this article to get started now and make sure you aren’t one of the many misinformed so it won’t cost you big later!  Read more
  • The classic “Rent vs Buy” debate continues! This couple kept track of every penny they spent on their home over a 3-year period up until they sold, and compared it to renting. Which do you think was more expensive overall? Read here to find out! Read more
  • Younger generations are finding it harder and harder to break into the housing market. To help combat this, the growing trend seems to be “Friends with (housing) benefits!” Read here to learn some tips on buying a house with a friend!  Read more
  • Don’t believe everything you read on the internet! Read here why that mortgage rate you saw advertised online most likely won’t apply to you.  Read more
  • Just because a house or condo is new, doesn’t mean it is without risks! Make sure you take the phrase “Buyer Beware” just as seriously on new builds as you do on re-sale. Read here why! Read more 
  • If you had a $50,000 budget, would you rather renovate your current home or relocate? And no, you can’t use the money for vacation! Read here if your answer is similar to most other Canadians. Read more
  • Should you aggressively pay off your mortgage? Everyone has probably thought about it, but no one seems to have a clear-cut answer. This may be because they aren’t looking close enough at the Yield curve. Read here why whether the curve is inverted or not should be a major deciding factor for you! Read more
  • Selling your home can be very stressful, but it doesn’t have to be! Follow these 8 strategies to guarantee a positive experience next time you go to Sell your biggest investment. Read more
  • Another great article on the Stock Market vs Real Estate debate! Read more