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Real Estate Insider: November 2019 News Report

Posted on November 26th 2019 by Lalovich

  • Four step process for Landlords when establishing the relationship with your Tenant. A must read for all new landlords. Read more
  • What would you do if your friends wanted to do something illegal with a rental property that you’re a partner in? That’s the issue this man had when his friends didn’t want to claim their portion of capital gains. What type of risk is he exposed to? Always be careful who you go into business with! Read more
  • When interest rates dropped, amortization periods were also lowered to even things out. We are at a time now when interest rates are set to rise again, however no one really knows when. This article discusses the potential increase in amortization periods to offset the predicted rise in interest rates. Read here
  • Mortgage 101: A Guide for the first time homebuyer. View the guide
  • Which is better for your mortgage, a longer or shorter amortization period? Well that depends on your income, downpayment, risk aversion and more! This article will help you decide which path to take when deciding on the terms of your mortgage. Read more
  • Everything you need to know about Mortgage Brokers and why going to your bank for a mortgage may not be the best option. Read more
  • The student-housing crisis also correlates to a big opportunity for real estate investors, but what makes a great student rental? REIN has released a student housing formula to help you make an informed decision when choosing student rentals. Read more
  • The classic Buy vs. Rent debate continues! But this time it’s about… Hot Water Tanks? You may never have thought twice about your hot water tank, but maybe now it’s time to take a second look! Read here  
  • If you own a property in the states (especially Florida), this article can explain the process of handing this property down to your kids/loved ones! Also how to avoid probate and other unnecessary expenses! Read more