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Real Estate Insider: November 2021

Posted on November 29th 2021 by Lalovich

Winter is right around the corner, but we won’t leave you in the cold on real estate news! We’re covering all the latest articles on affordable housing, becoming a millionaire investor, blind bidding, and much more. If investing, house flipping, or renovating are in your future plans, then grab a hot beverage—this is the issue for you!

Water You Doing About Your Leaky Basement?

Whether you are adding a second dwelling unit or just more living space, it’s important to protect your investment by ensuring your basement is dry for years to come. Watch this video explaining the process of interior waterproofing and why it is so important!


According to the Principal Broker of Edison Financial, continuous learning and new experiences are the keys to success. Read here how he took his past “failed” ventures and turned them into learning opportunities!

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Learn From Zillow’s Failure—er, I mean—Learning Experience

Zillow has tried to integrate tech into real estate, learning a lot in the process! Discover the lessons learned from Zillow’s massive house flipping blunder.

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Real Estate Investors Beware: You Might Be In For A Scare

Since it seems the entire election was based around affordable housing, we wonder which policies will see the light of day? Learn what to expect over the next few years.

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Can The Liberals Really Provide A House For Everyone?

The Liberals won on a promise to fix the housing affordability crisis, but what does that entail? Here are the basic steps needed to address the fundamental housing shortage.

Affordable Housing Paradox: Are We Missing The Mark?

According to this blogger, half of the solution to any problem is to properly define it. Is the answer to the affordable housing problem not where we’ve been looking? Will lower property taxes only hurt the average tenant? Read how we are spinning ourselves into a vicious paradox due to our lack of understanding of the fundamental issues at hand.

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Will Single Family Zoning Soon be A Thing Of The Past?

The Ontario Real Estate Association is pushing politicians hard to end the exclusionary “single family” zoning bylaws that are keeping large properties from maximizing their potential with additional dwelling units, especially around transit and high traffic areas. This could be a step in the right direction for increasing the housing supply. Here’s what they are pushing for in the upcoming provincial election!

How To Become A Millionaire Through Real Estate Investing

The title says it all here! Here are the basics that you’ll need to join the exclusive “Millionaire’s Club” through real estate investing.

Stay Faithful To Your Market For A Loving, Prosperous Relationship

This investor feels what when it comes to real estate investing, the pros of staying in a familiar market far outweigh the cons. Learn about why diversifying might equal lower returns, plus some of the many benefits of staying in your “lane”.

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Increase Your Chances of Success In Real Estate Investing

Real Estate investing is one of the most common ways to gain financial freedom, but the fear of failure is sidelining lots of potential winners. Be sure to read these tips on how to increase your chances of success, because the hardest step is the first one!

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Blind Bidding Is NOT The Problem

Liberals based their election on providing affordable housing, with one promised item addressed being a ban on blind bidding. Who would have thought that politicians would be off the mark (wink wink)? This study finds that banning blind bidding could have the opposite affect on housing prices, as seen in many countries throughout the world. It looks like the liberals will have to take a look in the mirror to find the real issue with housing supply!

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The Bank Of Mom And Dad Should Start Acting More Like A Bank

As reported by CIBC, parents gifted over $10 billion dollars to their children to buy a home over the last year. To protect your child and your money, this blogger is suggesting that these gifts be set up as “loans” in case of a marital breakdown. If you plan on giving or receiving a large sum of money, make sure you’re protected!

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Homesick: Treating Symptoms Versus Causes

This blogger argues that many provincial policies and OREA suggestions are merely treating the symptoms of the housing crisis and not the fundamental causes. This can make the causes worse while creating unintended backlash. Find out why Ontario’s housing is unaffordable and how we can fix it.

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Taking Action > Complaining

This investor’s returns in the stock market beat out even the highest of real estate price increases. His point is this: If you start saving for a home now instead of complaining about the prices, you will be able to buy a home (if you want to).

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How High Will Interest Rates Climb in 2024?

Some economists predict as many as eight rate hikes by the end of 2023. This aggressive approach comes with high economic growth assumptions. One blogger believes we are in a “Post WWII” scenario when debt was high and economic growth was low, making the cost of borrowing low until GDP could catch up. What do you think will happen?