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Real Estate Insider: November 2022

Posted on November 24th 2022 by Lalovich

Real Estate Insiders, we’re a month away from the new year! We take a look at what to expect in 2023 including the cause of inflation, the end of exclusive listings, upgrading electrical, and more. Let’s dive in!

Real Estate Standing Strong

These podcasters think this is NOT a repeat of 2008. Watch their 2023 Market Forecast!

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Central Bankers: Take A Lesson From Usher And “Let It Burn”

This blogger believes that the Central Bank has put out too many small fires in the past, creating a larger fire that needs to run its course.

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Pivotal Moment?

Discover why the Central Bank “pivot” isn’t coming; once you’ve turned over the ball, you can’t!

High Inflation Headlines: Clickbait?

Depending on how you look at it, month-over-month data certainly looks better than year-over-year.

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The Concerning Reason Homeowners Are Not Filing For Bankruptcy

Over the past few years, low interest rates and rising home prices have allowed many highly-indebted Canadians to consolidate their debt. With interest rates on the rise, there’s a reason we aren’t seeing a rise in insolvency—and it might only be a matter of time before that changes.

The True Cost Of Assigning Pre-Construction Deals Prior To Closing

This accountant reviews multiple scenarios of assigning a pre-construction deal prior to closing, including HST and income tax implications.

Is This The End Of Exclusive Listings?

The CREA aims to end the misuse of exclusive listings, stating that all listings must go onto MLS within three days of public marketing. Is this a reduction of freedoms in selling your home or an equitable move for all?

Primary Homes: Lousy Investments?

This blogger weighs the pros and cons of buying and renting over the last 11 years—with the answer relying heavily on the intangibles! Find out how much it truly costs to buy and rent in Canada.

Why Are Young Adults Still Living With Their Parents?

Is it the choice of the family or the policy maker? Discover how the trend of larger households isn’t made out of preference, but of necessity.

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How The Feds Cause Inflation

While the costs of goods may be on a downward trend, housing (or Owner Equivalent Rent per the CPI) keeps climbing due to the interest rate hikes. However, seemingly out-of-control high CPI and inflation leads to more interest rate hikes and higher OER (see how this works?). Learn how the Feds are causing inflation and what can be done to stop it.

3 Ways To Own A Student Rental For Your Child — And The Benefits That Come With It

Inflation Talk And Market Outlook With Stephen Poloz: Are Canada’s Fundamentals Strong Enough To Carry Us Through This Recession?

Electricity And Second/Third Units: What You Should Know

Remember these expert tips and tricks when upgrading your electrical system to add an additional unit or suite.

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“Understand the Money Game, Or Be Abused By The Money Game”

This blogger seems to have cracked the code to the economic cycle and plans to use it to their advantage. Do you agree with their assumptions? Decide for yourself!

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New-Build Condo Assignment Sales Hit By Interest Rate Hikes — Is This Just The Tip Of The Iceberg?

With assignment sales down close to 80% compared to this time last year, and occupancy dates quickly approaching, there is a sobering amount of uncertainty in the near future. Will be see a flood of inventory once these condos are built? Is this a small blip on the radar?

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