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Real Estate Insider: October 2019 News Report

Posted on October 18th 2019 by Lalovich

  • Ever wonder how the annual rent increase on residential properties is calculated? Is it really a fair percentage for Landlords? This article will give you all the information to decide for yourself! Read more
  • Short term rentals and AirBnB, when are guests considered Tenants? How hard is it to evict? What you need to know heading into 2020! Read more
  • If you’re buying an investment property strictly for short term rentals, be prepared for trouble when you go to get a mortgage! Why, you ask? This explains how mortgage lenders are hesitant to loan money when the owner isn’t the one living there! Read more and how to get around it here! Read more
  • Most condo’s or apartments have bylaws against short-term rentals, but that’s only if you get caught! How the current enforcement is ineffective, and how new rules could pass that would change the short-term rental market drastically! Read here
  • With the rapid increase of retiree’s from the baby boomer generation, and the last of the millennials entering the work force, retirement strategies are a hot topic! Millennials need to start thinking and planning for retirement as soon as yesterday, but with defined pensions reducing in popularity, is real estate a good alternative? This article says maybe not! Read more
  • To move…or to renovate…THAT is the question! Real estate prices have risen drastically in the last few years, but so have construction costs! Is adding an addition more beneficial than moving to a bigger home? There are many factors to consider, and this article will help! Read more
  • A lot can happen when selling your home, including accidental damages left by potential Buyers! Who is responsible for fixing these damages? The answer might surprise you! Read more
  • How divorcing your spouse can affect your mortgage, and how the new mortgage rules are making it difficult for divorcees to find a new home. Read more
  • Here are 6 things that could be hurting your credit score that you might not even know about! Stay informed and keep that credit score up! Read here