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Real Estate Insider: October 2021

Posted on October 25th 2021 by Lalovich

Welcome back, Real Estate Insiders. Gather ’round as we share some of the haunting truths of our current housing market that make a “cabin in the woods” sound comforting. Dive into the Halloween candy, pour yourself some cider and get ready as we cover the latest news in real estate. Reader beware: you’re in for a realty big scare!

Ontari-No Housing for the Younger Generation

The pandemic housing shortage appears to have hit Ontario the hardest. How can the other Provinces keep up with demand? Discover just how far Ontario is falling behind and why it’s causing the younger generation to get a late start on life.

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Demand for Additional Dwelling Units “Heating” Up

This quick video highlights the benefits of adding a second (or separate) heating unit for your additional dwelling unit. Spoiler: Boilers aren’t as outdated as you would think!

Think Housing Prices Are Crazy? You’re Not Alone!

Canada isn’t the only country experiencing high appreciation of the housing market. In reality, the Bull market is worldwide! Find out just how much the real estate market has increased over the years and how Canada’s growth ranks with the other major countries. 

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Non-Prime Bridge Loans to the Rescue!

Picture this: you can’t buy a new home without first selling your current home. You also don’t want to sell your home at risk of being outbid and stuck without a place to go on closing day. Sound familiar? Non-prime bridge loans may be the answer! Learn more about this loan and how to qualify.

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How the Election Will Change the Housing Landscape

Canadians re-elected the same leadership, whose forefront promises include housing affordability and increased supply. What was said and what will get done might be vastly different. See how the policies being implemented might do nothing but increase demand and home prices for everyone.

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Berlin Votes to Nationalize 240,000 Apartments

The frustrated citizens of Berlin are ready to take drastic measures to assure stable housing, including voting to nationalize apartments from large landlords. If this process were to hit Canada, which way you would vote?

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Everything you should know about maintaining border and boundary trees in your yard—or your neighbour’s yard.

How the Government CAN Do Something About the Housing Crisis

Getting rid of outdated policies and tearing down miles of red tape is a start. Having the ability to turn single family homes into multiple units—without it costing an arm and a leg—is one of the main issues in solving the affordability issue. While the government fails to comprehend the root of the problem (because they created it), they now need to step up and make ‘gentle density’ more attainable for the everyday investor.

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MYTH BUSTERS: Credit Score Edition

Everyone knows you should pay your bills on time to keep your credit score healthy—and that’s it, right? Check out the seven myths about your credit score that you need to know!

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The Time Is Now to Act on A National Housing Plan

Canadian real estate is at a “critical juncture”. If the Federal government doesn’t implement a successful national housing strategy soon, home ownership may soon be out of reach for many Canadians. Understand what this strategy would include and why It needs to happen soon!

Government: Blind Bidding Ban, Still Blind To Real Problem

Sure, there are pros and cons to each bidding system. However, a ban on blind bidding will do nothing to solve the fundamental housing shortage Canada is experiencing. How would you feel is the government told you how to sell your home? Find out why Australia’s open bidding system isn’t the answer.