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Real Estate Insider: October 2023

Posted on October 23rd 2023 by Lalovich

Welcome back, Real Estate Insiders! There’s a lot to cover this month, including selecting the right mortgage broker, the trouble with being “House Rich”, the dangers of backing out of a deal, the mid-life crisis house, and much more. Be sure to take a minute and follow us on Instagram for all the latest news, listings and more. Let’s dive in!

Financial Independence, Early Retirement (Fire): Would You Like It Lean Or Fat?

Retiring early is almost everyone’s goal, but the lifestyle you want in retirement is a big determining factor of when/if/how you retire. Read about the “Fat Fire” method if you’re aiming for a more luxurious retirement. 

Is HGTV To Blame For Expensive Housing?

It isn’t the entire reason of course, but over the past few decades people have brought an appetite for larger homes, better views, higher quality building materials, and more. Read this interesting take on why housing prices are getting more expensive.

Read: Why Housing Prices Are Getting More Expensive

Be As Picky As A Buyer’s Dad At An Inspection When Choosing A Mortgage Broker

This comprehensive guide explains everything you should consider when choosing a mortgage broker.

UPDATE: Canada’s Emergency Business Loan

The deadline for repayment has been extended until January 2024. With three options to choose from, it’s important to know the advantages and disadvantages of each. Read here to get exactly that!

Is Being “House Rich” All It’s Cracked Up To Be?

A lot of home owners have seen the value of their home grow significantly over the past decade, but what good is all that equity if it’s not easily accessible? Find out why this blogger is preaching diversity for your money—and why not to have everything riding on your home.

Read: The Problem With Being House Rich

Class Action Lawsuit Against Toronto Real Estate Industry Set To Move Forward

Has there been price-fixing in the Toronto real estate industry? It’s not up to the courts to decide! Read more about the lawsuit and what it could mean for REALTORS®.

Read: Class Action Against Toronto Real Estate Industry Price Fixing Gets Approved

Buyers Beware: You’re In For A Scare!

This article explains how a buyer was forced to pay $210,000 in damages to a seller after backing out of a deal. Learn the how and why to avoid making the same mistake!

Read: Sellers Awarded $210,000 After Buyers Fail To Close Due To “Unforeseen Circumstances”

Central Bank Digital Currency: The End Of Cash As We Know It?

No….well, not yet anyway. While there is no current need for a Centralized Digital Currency in Canada, they are not ruling it out in the near future. Discover what five financial experts are saying regarding a CBDC and what it will mean for Canadians.

The Economy Has Slowed Down—When Are The Rate Cuts Coming?

This blogger gets the opinions of multiple financial professionals on when Feds will finally cut rates.

Read: When Will The Fed Cut Interest Rates? A Forecasting Exercise

GST Removal On Rental Housing: ‘Immediate’ Impact, But Will It Be Substantial?

The Feds recently announced they will be removing GST on purpose-built rental housing. This will have an immediate impact as it will be now be more affordable to build, but with the shortage of trades and high cost of materials, is this enough to solve the housing shortage? Read more in the next two articles!

Read: The Removal Of GST Will Have An ‘Immediate’ Impact On Rental Builds

The Mid-Life Crisis: Solved By A New House?

When a car just doesn’t do it anymore, a new house might be the way to cure those mid-life blues. Read here why it happens and if it’s a smart move financially.

Read: The Midlife Crisis House Is A Real And Growing Phenomenon

Return On Hassle: Where Do You Land On The Spectrum?

Whether it’s real estate investing or starting your own business, you have to “choose your hard” and decide on your liabilities of success. Find out which hassles are for you here!