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Real Estate Insider: September 2019 News Report

Posted on September 24th 2019 by Lalovich

  • Not a surprise that Windsor-Essex is a Seller’s market, but statistics show that it’s balancing out! Check out how it compares to the rest of Canada, and also see the best places in Canada to buy a house! Read more
  • If you’re lucky enough to own a cottage, hopefully when you’re not enjoying the simpler things in life, you’re making some money off of it! Here are 11 tax-deductible expenses you may have missed to bring up that bottom line! Read more
  • You’ve heard the saying “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”, but does that apply to bank accounts? Read here for tips on where to keep your money to make sure it’s protected! Read more
  • Minneapolis just changed the affordable housing market game! Allowing multi-residential properties to be built anywhere in the city. Do you think this would solve Windsor’s problem? Read more
  • If you’re thinking about buying a home this is worth the read! Step-by-step process on everything from improving your credit score, getting a mortgage pre-approval, and costs associated with owning a home! Read more  
  • Short-term rentals and airbnb, advice from a lawyer on what you need to know! Read more    
  • Just because a document comes from a large professional company (like a bank), doesn’t mean it’s perfect! Things like mortgage documents must be read carefully, and this article will give you the major points to go over to make sure you understand what you’re reading! Read more 
  • Is Canada’s real estate market due for a correction? According to these ratios, the answer is yes! How does Canada ranks world wide for risk of a Housing Bubble. Read more
  • You can do pretty much everything online; it’s time to add, “Mortgage shopping” to that list! Tips on finding the best mortgage rates online. Read here 
  • Contrary to popular belief, Tenants can’t end a lease early for no reason. This may be one area where the Landlord is more protected than the Tenant! Make sure you know your rights as a Landlord and also as a Tenant! Read here on proper notice and correct steps to ending a lease early. Read more