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Real Estate Insider: September 2023

Posted on September 20th 2023 by Lalovich

Welcome to autumn, Real Estate Insiders! In this edition, we uncover the truth behind “the good old days”, if cash really is king, federal government spending, the housing crisis and the exploitation of international students, and much more. Grab a coffee and let’s live in!

Implications Of The Housing Shortage: A Real Life Example

This is the perfect example of how the housing shortage is creating tough situations for everyone. Discover how a seller, a buyer, and a tenant are all in desperate situations, but a lack of affordable housing is leaving the tenant with no choice but to stay put.

Read: Hamilton Homebuyers, Sellers In ‘Terrible Situation’ As Tenants Won’t Leave Property

Read It On Reddit: Pros And Cons Of Paying Off Your Mortgage

While Reddit isn’t regarded as a reliable source of information, one blogger has compiled the top pros and cons from Reddit’s Personal Finance Canada Thread, comparing it against some financial expert advice. Which would you prefer?

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HELOC RateLock Strategy: So Crazy It Just Might Work!

This complex maneuver lowers your overall interest costs while having consistent and flexible access to capital. See if this could be a strategy for you!

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Is A VTB For Me?

If you’ve ever asked yourself this question, then this article is for you! Done correctly, a VTB or “Vendor Take Back Mortgage” can provide many benefits to the seller, with tax advantages and possibly a higher sale price on your home!

Why Are Mortgage Rates Still So High? Look At The Spreads!

We’re not talking about gambling (or maybe in a way, we are), but the spreads between 30 year mortgage rates minus 10 year bond yields is the highest it’s been in decades. Find out why, plus what this means for our economy in the article!

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Were ‘The Good Old Days’ Actually Any Good?

People tend to think the past was better because they don’t like the present. For retirement, you may want to start counting your lucky stars that you were born at the time your were, because the concept of a “leisurely retirement” is still a relatively new concept! How good do we actually have?

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International Students: The Backbone Of Canadian Population Growth

1 in 48 people in Canada are here on a student visa. These numbers may change if we cannot get a grip on affordable housing. International students are now realizing they are part of an “exploitative plan” and being sold a version of Canada that “doesn’t exist anymore”.

Read: Canada’s Student Visa Strategy Takes Off, Nearly 1 In 48 People On A Study Permit

Cash Is King, But Its Reign is Short

Watch this video explaining why cash (and guaranteed returns) is a terrible longterm investment.

Secondary Units: The Win-Win We’ve Been Looking For?

With rate hikes putting the pressure on both homeowners and renters alike, are secondary dwelling units the solution? The increase in demand of these units make us think the answer is yes, but they do come with their fair share of issues.

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Feds Are Spending More Than We Are Making

It seems like a simple budgeting concept that you learn in your early twenties, so why can’t the federal government seem to figure it out? Their excess spending is one of the contributing factors for the recent soaring of interest rates. Will they calm down on their excess spending? Probably not. Read more here!

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Impacts Of “Extend And Pretend”: Almost Half Of Canadians Will Be Paying Off Their Mortgage After 60

A survey revealed this and the knowledge gap people have in regards to their mortgage. If your answer to most of your mortgage questions is “I don’t know” then this may be the article for you.

New Mortgage Rules And How They Impact The Smith Manoeuvre

For info on both these new rules and the Smith Manoeuvre, read here!

Real Estate Crowdfunding Opening The Doors For Everyday Investors

Instead of real estate being exclusive to the wealthy few, this new crowdfunding technique allows people to invest in large development opportunities without the need for major capital. Read how it works, the pros and cons, and more!

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Dammed If You Do, Dammed If You Don’t

This article teaches the “Cash Dam” technique to turn your non-deductible mortgage into a tax-deductible business expense. Is it legal? Yes—but only if it’s done right! Read more about this interesting technique here.

Residential Builders Are Under Immense Price Pressures—Who’s To Blame?

Maybe it has something to do with development fees and HST increasing well over 1000% in the last two decades. Learn more about the difficulties of new construction in the midst of a major housing shortage.

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