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Real Estate Insider: Special COVID-19 Report

Posted on March 25th 2020 by Lalovich

  • Interest rates can’t get much lower before they hit zero, but are they poised to go into the negatives? As this pandemic timeline increases, so does the possibility of Canada’s government interest rates to go below zero for the first time in history! In this article you find more about the possibility of negative interest rates and how it could affect other areas of the Canadian economy! Read More
  • With the stock market in a free-fall, how does it affect real estate prices? This financial samurai has already lived through 3 “Bear” markets and takes a deep look at the numbers to find a correlation between the size of the stock market correction and real estate prices. If you think now is the time to get into real estate! Read More
  • Canada’s largest banks act quickly to cut prime lending rates, but will these savings be passed down to the average consumer? Read More
  • EI AND EI SICKNESS BENEFITS 101: This article explains everything you need to know to get started with EI, including how to apply, the ins and outs, and who qualifies! Read More
  • Mortgage relief amidst the Coronavirus – Big 6 banks all doing their part to help with the economic impact of this pandemic. They are mostly on a case by case basis, read this article to see how your bank is handling this (so far) and see what relief you qualify for! Read More
  • This article provides 5 ways to potentially benefit from the slashing of interest rates! Read More
  • Quarantine has had an affect on almost every aspect of peoples lives, including searching for homes! May not come as a surprise that during this pandemic, it seems Canadians have lost interest in buying homes! Read More
  • Flippers beware, you might be in for a scare! With real estate flips being at the peak of popularity during the beginning of the year, many investors may find themselves with a beautifully renovated property, and no-one to show it to! So much uncertainty has evolved over the past few weeks, and re-sellers may find it difficult to get top dollar for their short term property flips. In this article you are read this blogger’s thoughts on re-sale homes moving forward. Read More
  • Here you can find some first hand stories from frustrated homeowners looking to take advantage of the mortgage deferral program, only to find out the banks are just as unsure as they are! Rea d More
  • Would you be willing to risk your health to reduce the financial impact of this Virus? This articles talks about real life examples of people who aren’t financially able to last during this shutdown for more than a few weeks, and let us know where you stand! Read More
  • Real Estate lawyer gives tips on how to protect your real estate deals during COVID-19. Read More
  • To read different testimonials from Realtors all over Canada on how COVID-19 has affected their market! Read More